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Website for a small web design, hosting, and UX consultant agency aiming to offer clear information in a friendly tone, inviting small businesses and entrepreneurs to feel supported and comfortable asking for this kind of service.

Project Duration

March 2019 – June 2019

My Role

UX Generalist and Web Designer


User research, brand design, content writing, wireframing,  web design, and development.

The Problem

Sites regarding website creation and hosting services are overcrowded with information that is also written in a very technical language. Not everyone understands it or feels comfortable navigating them, least of all, making a purchase.

The Goal

Offering a web where anyone could understand clearly the offer of services, their value for them as businesses or entrepreneurs while feeling comfortable and cared for.

Psychologist Ana Monge

Understanding the User

User Persona - Ana Monge

“I am not sure how to get started but I know I need to generate visibility and look consistently professional and reliable in a cost-effective way”

Ana is an independent professional who wants to generate more visibility, more customers and build a reputation as a good professional in the psychology field. She has a tight budget because she is just getting started, and needs to get the most out of it. She wants to focus on her business without having to worry about technical stuff she doesn’t like or know how to handle.



  • Unsure about how or where getting started
  • Intimidated by technical language
  • Not tech-savvy
  • Preconceived idea that this is a really expensive service only for big businesses


  • Having access to a proprietary way to show who she is
  • Displaying her services offer
  • Open multiple contact channels
  • Look consistently professional and legitimate

Brand Design


The inspiration is Alchemy and how transformation is possible combining ideas, knowledge, and the right elements or tools. The logo stems from the alchemic symbol of fire (the triangle), as the force of transformation. The labyrinth around it, the path to transformation.

Geometric typography complements the idea of science and knowledge behind the name of the brand. Colors also derive from alchemic elements.

Web Design


The web should be clean and easy to navigate while looking professional and reliable. An effective architecture structure supporting the information and allowing users to feel they were getting backed up by professionals. The information should be given in a friendly tone, understandable, and approachable. 


Letting users review feedback from other persons would reassure them and provide useful information to make decisions.

Modular blurb low fidelity wireframe

Pricing Information

A quickly understandable breakdown of the main services, what they include, and possible prices. This information was recognized as vital in the decision-making process to all interviewed users.

Modular blurb low fidelity wireframe




A complete website with friendly, clear explanations that educates customers and exemplifies live what the business can do for them and how they can look online. The feedback from users has been very positive and customers continue growing.

Alkemio Lab Website Cover
Mobile version of different screens of NOVICSA's website

Wrap up

My takeaways

Working as a team always renders the best results and is more efficient; working alone on the project was rewarding but definitively challenging and time-consuming.

Also, challenging our assumptions as designers at all times is the healthiest exercise we can make when creating anything. We should never lose sight that the design is for our users, and not for ourselves.

Next steps

To make the experience even better, the following stage of design and development contemplates:

  • Accessibility
  • Animation or videos to create more engagement
  • ‘Submit your feedback or testimonial’ page 

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