Natural Pet Care

Web design & Branding

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Creation of a unique branding that conveyed to customers the values of empathy, care, and professionalism of this business. Also, the creation of a website that allowed customers to validate the information and find more details about the business.

Project Duration

March 2021 – June 2021

My Role

UX Generalist, Graphic & Web Designer


UX research, branding definition, generation of graphic assets, wireframing, web design.

The Problem

Finding a place where you feel safe leaving your pet is very difficult. You are not always sure they have experience, if it is clean, safe, or if they know how to handle an emergency. You need to be sure they will be responsible and really care about your pets.

The Goal

Creating a cohesive design that could be applied to social networks, stationary, and web, to give a full sense of professionalism and attention to detail. Also, offering customers the possibility to get all the information about their services and validate the business through customer reviews and other informative resources through a nice and easy-to-navigate website.

Chemical Engineer Irene

Understanding the User

User Persona - Irene Berrocal

“I have to be sure my dogs will receive the same security and love they get from me when they are home.”

Irene is a young chemical engineer who enjoys spending her free time with her husband traveling and hiking, she needs to find a responsible and safe dog hotel to look after her dogs because she not always can take them with her on her travels. She is not willing to leave her dogs in a cage or in a cruel environment. Her main concern is that they are safe and happy while she is not with them.



  • Difficult to make sure about how safe, clean, secure and responsible is the place
  • Unsure about credentials of the caretakers
  • How her dogs will interact with other dogs
  • How the caretakers will treat her dogs


  • Possibility to check the facilities
  • Multiple channels to contact the business
  • Finding reviews from previous customers
  • Validate the credentials of the business and caretakers
Natural Pet Care's branding moodboard

Brand Design


The owner of the business wanted a fresh and modern brand image that would convey nature and love without looking unprofessional. The brand would be applied to her dog hotel and grooming business but also to her Veterinarian Doctor stationery and eventually expand to other uses both printed and digital.

Her main source of inspiration was nature, its warm colors, and life.

Final Logo

Web Design


The web should look friendly and convey warmth, easy to navigate but keep looking professional and reliable.

To assist in brand recognition, the web should use colors and elements that support and help expand brand awareness.

 Big pictures showing everyday life at the dog hotel, the interaction among animals, and the caretakers would help customers observe the facilities and the overall experience their pets have, as well as confirming that the place is cage-free.

Interactive contact information throughout the entire site is available. Also, a Google My Business page was created and linked to Google Maps, so users can verify the address and even check the place via Map’s satellite view to get even further reassurance about where their pets are and how the place looks.

Due to time and budget constraints, the best option was using a template and custom edit it to give it a personal touch.




The business started getting new customers via Google. Their existing customers also wanted to have their pets’ photos and testimonials displayed on the web.  Customers have shown more engagement and willingness to participate in their pets’ health schemes thanks to the attractive printed materials now in use (vaccination cards, medical recipes, and others).

“I am very pleased with the service provided by Alkemio Lab. I loved the design of my logo and my clients loved their pets’ vaccination cards. Mi website is flawless and has allowed me higher engagement. I highly recommend them!”

–  DVM. Aurora Valerio, Director at  Natural Pet Care

Alkemio Lab Website Cover

Wrap up

My takeaways

UX links very well with branding. The studies conducted showed a lot of information that was applied to the design as a whole, which has resulted in a cohesive, professional, and reassuring look that existing and new customers have appreciated for both its utility and its pleasing style.

Next steps

Based on users suggestions and foreseeing expansion of the business, the possible next stages involve:

  • Testimonial Gallery Page
  • FAQ Page regarding dog hotel stays
  • Accessibility
  • Language translation to English

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