Nostromo Arcade App

UX / UI Study

Nostromo Arcade App

An app designed for an Arcades business to offer their customers the possibility to plan fun activities and schedule their visits.

Project Duration

July 2021 – Septmber 2021

My Role

UX Generalist in charge of the entire project


Research, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, testing

The Problem

Crowded places are not always fun. People may be conflictive and wasting time in queues or waiting for food can make experiences that should be fun, bad. Also, you sometimes get unexpected surprises when paying for entries, food, or other stuff while going out.

The Goal

The Nostromo Arcade App is designed to offer the possibility to save time and potential bad experiences with lots of people in Covid times, budget your money and your happy time, by allowing users to make reservations or purchasing all goods for a fun experience through the app.

Nostromo User Cara

Understanding the User

User Persona - Cara Angeletti

I like to know what to expect from the place I will be hanging around with my friends.

Cara is a Systems Engineering student who has a tight weekly schedule with uni. She likes to go out with her group of friends on weekends and meet new people. She enjoys competing in sports, eating out, and drinking. She doesn’t have a big budget so she likes to know beforehand how to distribute it and usually checks schedules of activities, amenities and prices  of the locales she visits. Another of her concerns is that not all places reserve the right of admittance and some may not make her feel safe. 



  • Safe and secure places where she can hang out without having to worry about the people who are there
  • Right of admittance 
  • Enough space to keep safety measures and host enough people comfortably


  • Possibility to check the place and the amenities
  • Checking prices, menu, and other costs and offers
  • Making reservations or schedule activities, to budget her time and money accordingly



We ran a series of interviews with users between the ages 17 to 45, male, female, and non-binary, who enjoyed video games and liked to go out to have friendly competitive activities.

Our assumptions were that users wanted an app that would allow them to set plans ahead from the comfort of their phones, so they would not have to worry about lines, capacity of the locales, or their budget. They would be able to check all online and book or buy ahead.

The idea was to make an appealing app where users could browse, imagine, and book their experiences inspired by the images and options.

We wanted to offer the common pattern of entertainment apps to lower cognitive load, and take advantage of the retro vibes of Arcades to offer an eye-catching look that would be fun to use and invites people to live the full Arcade experience by visiting the locale. 

Visual Identity

Modular blurb low fidelity wireframe



Usability study

The initial usability study pretended to find out how users interacted and felt about planning the experience through the app, and how long a table reservation process would take. Results showed that not all users were able to understand some navigation patterns like the Cancel button at the bottom bar, or the horizontal scroll at the Home screen to glance at tables. Also, the filtering ability was a consistent feedback received after browsing tables. 

The second round, after refining the design, offered great feedback regarding navigation and frustration-free process in general.  The task completion time was reduced and the cognitive load decreased, based on the feedback provided by users. 

Study results examples

Usability Study Results Nostromo App

Final Results

Nostromo Arcade App Iphone View
Nostromo App Screens

Play with the Prototype!

Visit the prototype and have some fun checking the App. I would love to hear about your experience, likes, dislikes, frustrations, or any other feedback you would like to give me about usability, visuals, functionality – pop culture and videogames are also acceptable discussion topics!

Wrap up

My takeaways

The investigation process is crucial to building proper functionalities that help users accomplish what they want. The research also gives you good ideas about what users do not know they want, but they will want once they start playing with an app or feature. Listening attentively pays off.

We found people responded very well to the app. Although they started by saying they did not necessarily use the reservation feature, tests proved that whenever they browsed they eventually had the need/want to reserve. Going a step ahead in users needs’ proved valuable to get good reviews and feedback regarding the overall experience.

Next steps

Based on users suggestions and results of the usability study:

  • Refining the table reservation process by adding number of people in each reservation
  • Refining table information screen to include more written details about each table. 

  • Refine table information screen by adding pictures that support the written details about each table.

  • Light theme option 

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