Web design & UX Study

A website designed to allow a straightforward navigation experience to hiring managers and entrepreneurs, providing easy access to the most relevant information they look for when searching for software development candidates.

Project Duration

December 2020 – March 2021

My Role

UX Generalist and Web Designer


User research, sketching, wireframing, copy, web design, and development.

The problem

Software development companies offer a lot of marketing information. Finding straightforward relevant details is not common. Hiring managers and entrepreneurs often want to feel reassured, but they also want to go to the point.

The goal

Designing a website with a simplified architecture of information that allowed easy navigation, relevant information set straightforwardly, while maintaining an appealing look that matched the company’s branding.

Engineering Manager Adrian Campos

Understanding the User

User persona - Adrian Campos

“I want to get clear facts and value propositions clearly and transparently to make decisions.”

Adrian is an Engineering Manager in his early 40s committed to his professional career looking to find balance between work and personal life. He needs to get information in the clearest and concise way to make decisions in as little time as possible because he does not want to commit his personal time to work needs.



  • Difficult contact options
  • No social networks to validate them
  • Lack of assertive communication


  • Finding a clear value proposition
  • Clear information about services and possible prices
  • Credentials and qualifications of being a serious company



Showing a clean interface with simple color elements and photos to help the brand start being recognized and give clear cohesion to the whole site. Make information easy to find and to read, and reducing cognitive load without losing perspective of the audience’s needs.

Branding consistency

Maintaining the branding throughout the site would help the business gain the trust of customers and would convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. 

Modular blurb low fidelity wireframe

Distribution of information

Blurbs showing digestible chunks of information, easy to read and retain, displaying key information about services.

Also, the use of typography variances in headers to provide key phrases at a glance would be helpful to locate points of interest for customers.

Design of informative paragraphs with C2A




Company owners were very pleased with the result. Customers have also provided positive feedback and suggestions to improve the site, and this is currently in discussion for the next development stage.

“Our target audience has never been clearer. We can now focus on building precisely for our clients’ needs. From defining our vision, all the way to the right image for the job, this process served a significant role as a stepping stone for our company’s next steps and continued growth.”

– Victor Herrera, VP, Novicsa

Mobile version of different screens of NOVICSA's website

Wrap up

My takeaways

Entrepreneurs often consider that it is all about the brand and how to present it. But the how, should be defined by their users’ needs. Bringing users’ needs to the discussion table upfront helps them understand that if they design with their users in mind, their reputation will increase and their chances of success are higher.

Next steps

Based on users suggestions and original discussions about ‘nice to have’, the following steps are currently under discussion:

  • Blog – education topics
  • Job postings integration
  • Accessibility

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